Lobster soup
The lobsters are sautéed with herbs and flambéed with cognac. We add white wine, stock and a dash of cream. All the ingredients are then blended to a rich, savoury and delicious soup. Served with a lobster quenelle, organic farmers bread and butter.
€ 12,98 / 95 KR.

THE fresh
Hot-smoked salmon
Hot-smoked salmon served with a salad with crisp apple, horseradish, fennel and sour cream. Served with organic bread and butter.
€ 12,98 / 95 KR.

THE delicate
Brown crab
The crab meat is tossed with a herb cream and served with salad in the crab shell. The claws are served on the side. Served with organic bread and butter.
€ 18,44 / 135 KR.

THE extraordinary
The exclusive roe löjrom comes from the fish vendace(Coregonus albula). We serve the delicate löjrom with crème fraîche, lemon, chopped red onions and toasted, organic bread.
€ 17,08 / 125 KR.

THE special
Lightly salted duck breast served with pickled mushrooms, tarragon cream, cowberries and green salad.
€ 13,66 / 100 KR.

Organic bread and butter
€ 2,03 /15 KR.