Every day from 11.30 am - 5 pm


The Christiansø girl's herring
Herring fillets marinated in a herring pickle with sandalwood and herbs. Served with crème fraîche, chives, capers and red onions on organic rye bread.
€ 11,61/85 KR.

Pan-fried herring
Herring fillet pan-fried in a herring pickle with mustard and servedwith pickled onions, capers and organic rye bread
€ 11,61/85 KR.

Peder Oxe's gravlax
Salmon cured with herbs and spices using one of our old, traditional recipes. Served with mustard dressing, fennel and apples on sourdough bread
€ 12,30/90 KR.

Hand peeled shrimps
Hand-peeled cold-water shrimps served with a soft-boiled egg and herb mayonnaise on organic rye bread
€ 12,30/90 KR.

Chicken tossed with apple, yoghurt and burnt curry. Served on sourdough bread topped with mushrooms.
€ 12,30/90 KR.

Paté served warm with pickled beetroots, fried mushrooms and crisp bacon on organic rye bread.
€ 12,30/90 KR.

Chargrilled roast beef
Chargrilled roast beef served with horseradish cream and caramelised onions on organic rye bread.
€ 12,98/95 KR.

Classic tartare tossed with onions, capers, pickles, egg yolk and tartare dressing. Served with grilled rye bread.
€ 12,98/95 KR.

Lunch platter
The Christiansø girl’s herring, chicken, paté, gravlax, and 2 cheeses. Served on large platters at the table.
€ 31,42/230 KR.

Salad buffet
The perfect supplement to your smørrebrød. The selection is seasonal - help yourself as many times as you please.
+ € 8,88/ + 65 KR.

Hot dishes

Fillet of plaice
Plaice pan-fried in butter served with löjrom and tartare sauce. Served on rye bread.
€ £15,03  / 110 KR.

The vegetarian dish
Galette served with steamed pointed cabbage, steamed carrots and a mushroom and cream sauce.
€ £25,69  / 190 KR.

Salad buffet - as main course
Our salad buffet offers a selection of fresh leaves, fx lettuce, rocket and spinach. Everything is seasonal and you can help yourself as many times as you please.
€ 15,03 / 110 kr.

The halibut is pan-fried in butter and served with a fricassee of potatoes and green beans flavoured with Noilly Pratdry vermouth
€ 27,32 / 200 KR.

Classic burger with a juicy beef patty, matured cheddar, tomatoes, pickles and mustard mayonnaise in a brioche bun. Served with French fries and a paprika and chilli mayonnaise
€ 22,54 / 165 KR.

Omelette made with mushrooms, spinach and potatoes. Served with lamb chorizo, beetroot, mustard and organic rye bread and butter
€ 22,54 / 165 KR.

Lunch steak
150g beef fillet served with fresh salad tossed in vinaigrette, butter Provencal and French fries. Cooked medium or as you prefer
€ 23,22 / 170 KR.

Salad buffet
The perfect supplement to your smørrebrød. The selection is seasonal - help yourself as many times as you please.
+ € 8,88 / + 65 KR.

Cheese and desserts

Two kinds of cheese
A selection of the best Danish and foreign cheeses.
Served with home-baked crispbread, chutney and butter.
€ 8,20 / 60 kr.

 Cheese, matured for 35 weeks
Served on organic rye bread with lard spread and stock jelly.
Sprinkled with dark rum at the table.
€ 9,56 /  70 kr.

Apple crumble
Homemade classic made from cooked apples, crushed macaroons and whipped cream
€ 10,25 / 75 kr.

Today’s sorbet
€ 8,20 / 60 kr.

Sweets of the day

Small delicious treats to accompany your coffee.
€ 6,83 / 50 kr.