Every day from 11.30 am - 5 pm

In addition to our regular menu we also offer:

We serve a small butter-seared plaice or another delicious fishfrom the fish market. The fish is served with small potatoes, browned butter and grilled lemon.
€ 19,80/145 KR.

Prepare your own salad. Choose from Peder Oxe's salad buffet which includes crisp salads, vegetables and dressings. The salad buffet includes organic bread and churned butter.
€ 15,03/110 KR.

Choose three pieces of "smørrebrød" from our extensive list below.
€ 21,86/160 KR.

Choose two pieces of "smørrebrød" from the list and the salad buffet.
€ 23,22/170 KR.

Choose one piece of "smørrebrød" from the list.
€ 8,20 /60 KR.

The"Smørrebrød" List

The Christiansø girl’s herring. Served on organic
rye bread with red onions, crème fraîche, dill and capers

Curry herring. Marinated fillets of herring is tossed in
a light, creamy dressing seasoned with genuine madras curry.
Served on organic rye bread with soft boiled egg, cress,
red onion and chopped apple

Pan-fried herring. Served on organic
rye bread with pickled red onions and capers

Cured salmon. Served on smoked cream cheese from Funen and a crudité made of fennel served with dill and lemon.

Egg and shrimps. Shrimps served on organic rye bread with a soft boiled egg, mayonnaise and dill.

Classic fillet of plaice. The plaice is filleted and pan-fried in butter. Served with lemon, homemade remoulade and dill on organic rye bread

Chicken salad. Chicken tossed with celeriac, roasted mushrooms and tarragon served on manitoba bread with crisp ventreche bacon on top

Paté. Warm paté with crisp ventreche bacon and roasted
mushrooms served on organic rye bread

Fried calf’s liver. Served medium on organic rye bread
with soft onions, pickled beetroot, parsley and sauce
with coarse mustard

Beef tartare. Served on organic rye bread with chopped
red onions, chives, capers and egg yolk.

Roast beef. Thin slices of roasted beef served on organic rye bread with pickles, horse radish cream and wild watercress

2 kinds of cheese. A selection of the best Danish
and foreign cheeses served with crackers and compote.

Matured Cheese. Served on organic rye bread with lard spread and stock jelly. Sprinkled with dark rum at the table.