Peder Oxe's Christmas Menus 2017

For Christmas Peder Oxe serves two kinds of Christmas Menus. We serve our traditional 3 course Christmas Menu and this year we also offer a new Christmas Tasting Menu served on large dishes at the table.

Both Christmas menus can be enjoyed from week 46.

Remember to book a table well in advance. Christmas is one of our busiest seasons and
we look forward to welcoming you and your guests


3 Course Christmas Menu 2017


Lobster soup

Lobsters are sautéed with herbs and flambéed in cognac
and then we add white wine, stock and a dash of cream.
All the ingredients are then blended to a rich,
savoury and delicious soup.
Accompanied by a lobster quenelle and bread and butter.



The classic Christmas duck is stuffed with apples and prunes
and roasted slowly in the oven.
Accompanied by duck sauce, butter-fried potatoes and
red cabbage with small apple pieces.


Ris à l'amande

Traditional Danish Christmas rice pudding with lots of
chopped roasted almonds and warm cherry sauce.
And perhaps a small present…

PRICE €50,55 / 370 KR. 



Peder Oxe's Christmas Tasting Menu 2017

Three servings on large dishes at the table. Plenty of opportunities for you to pick our favourite.

The Christmas tasting menu is served both for lunch and dinner.

First Serving

Peder Oxe’s Christmas herring with red onion, dill and capers
Curry herring with soft boiled egg
Dill-cured salmon with mustard sauce
Smoked salmon with dill
Shrimp salad with homemade mayonnaise

Second Serving

Butter fried fish fillet with homemade remoulade and lemon
Warm organic paté with butter-fried mushrooms and bacon
Warm fish cakes with red cabbage
Rib roast with crisp cracklings and red cabbage
Slow-roasted duck with apples and prunes

Third Serving

Two kinds of cheese with home-baked crisp bread and christmas compote
Traditional Danish ris à l’amande – rice pudding with almonds and cherry sauce – and perhaps a little present for the lucky one…

The menu is served with organic rye bread and organic farmer’s bread and butter.

Price DKK 375 per person / 51,23 EURO per person
Pre-order minimum in advance: 4 guests.

We warmly recommend that you enjoy the Christmas tasting menu the Danish way with the Christmas brew ‘Peters Jul’ from Ørbæk Brewery and our very own homemade Christmas aquavit.